Joseph Gross receives a memo written entirely in a language that doesn't exist. As he learns more and more about this new office tongue, he finds himself lost in a surreal world of bureaucratic farce.
The Memo is a story of flawed people perpetually going through the motions of 'going to lunch' and as it appears, not a lot else.
Original cast and crew:
James Sarson as Joseph Gross
Tobias Weatherburn as Mr. Ballas
Aaron Price as Stroll and Mr. Pillar
Ashley Cummings as Savant and Mr. Thumb
Melanie Stevens as Lear and Helena
Elinor O'Leary as Maria and Hana
Rhys Denton as George the Staff Watcher
Written by Vaclav Havel
Directed by George Soave
Produced by Rachel Pedley-Miller