Womanhood isn't a piece of cake.

Bun in the oven? The 'timer' ticking? Something to do with yeast?

In a bakery, two women create for every seemingly important milestone in a woman's life: weddings, christenings and (hen-do special order) giant phallic cookies all pass through the shop reminding them constantly of what they have escaped or indeed are seen to be missing out on.

The ‘spiritual sequel’ to Flowers (2017); Flours is an hilariously riotous display of
expectation, judgement, compassion, and bakeries…

An original piece, featuring gameplay, live music and a really cool bit with a rolling pin.

Presented by Big Loop Theatre Company

Written and Performed by Alice Downing and Kitty Hughes

Directed by Duncan Hallis


Critical acclaim for Flours (2018):

“Big Loop bring a vibrancy to the arts scene in Wales not yet seen anywhere else”
Wales Arts Review

“wild, slightly chaotic but full of brilliant ideas crashing around the space.”

★★★★&1/2 The Reviews Hub

“They have more that won the hearts of their audience.”

Theatre In Wales

“Between it’s jovial and quirky randomness there are moments where we are crashed back to reality with some amazing serious heartfelt monologues.”
Cardiff Theatre Review


Big Loop were delighted during Flours to partner with Cardiff-based project - Periods in Poverty Cardiff - a student-led initiative based in Cardiff raising awareness about, and tackling period poverty.

We would like to thank our audience members for all the sanitary products that were donated during the show's run. If you weren't able to donate but would like to, never fear! There is a permanent donation point in the female toilets within the main Chapter building (the toilets in front of you as you walk in the front entrance!), so please make sure to continue donating whenever you find yourself in the building!

Thank you all again for your support, Big Loop and Periods in Poverty thank you.

Get donating!