Oh, hello there.


*puts bookmark in book and closes it*

You must be the person looking at our website. We’ve heard so much about you. We like your outfit.

Why don’t we tell you a little bit about us?

We are Big Loop Theatre Company.

*puts down book*


We are a company of theatre-makers based in Cardiff, which is the capital city of Wales. Wales is in Britain. And in this Cardiff that is in Wales which is in Britain we have been making theatre, performance, and other arty nonsense since our first show, Moirai, in 2016.

Still want to know more? OKAY.

*moves a bit closer and sits on the floor*

Here is what we write in our funding applications:

Big Loop bring an attitude of playfulness to every rehearsal and performance, ensuring that our working practice is: genre-fluid, nurturing and, in short, fun. We have a focus on making original, one-act plays that balance silliness and humour with beauty and pathos. We use processes of play as creative tools, both for devising/writing original work, or adapting/staging published texts. We are experienced in use of puppetry, dance, physical theatre, and improvisation.

Our constitutional objectives are:
a) To create engaging and accessible performance for a range of audiences.
b) To experiment and innovate in our methods of creating work and contributing to the arts.
c) To develop and employ a practice founded in playful exploration and discovery.

As well as our productions, we also take pride in our participation programme, facilitating workshops
and creative events.

WOW WASN'T THAT BORING. But do you know what’s not boring?

*crawls over to your feet and continues in whispers*

Live Music.
Black Comedy.
Sex Scenes.



*stands, but stumbles a bit on the way up, shouting now*

All this and more can be found inside our collection of curious delights.

And if none of that interests you, then you’ve wasted your time reading all this. And you’ve only got yourself to blame. You idiot.

*laughs and takes out a crisp and eats it, voice soft and soothing*

So don’t just stand there,
Come and sit down.
Let’s get you out of those wet clothes,
And into some theatre.

Big Loop Theatre Company (Pg. 175, 2018)