14/11/2018 - The Other Room - 19:00 - 21:00

It's premature, but some of the best things come early...

This November 14th we are celebrating Christmas Eve! 
Join Big Loop at The Other Room, as they take you on an evening of play, games and festive fun of the drama variety.

We will be jolly. There will be mulled wine. Lots of it. 

Big Loop promise fun and games for all the family! We cannot guarantee that they will be family-friendly games. In fact, they definitely aren't. However we are pretty sure that there will be the best game of charades you've ever partaken in. Tacky Christmas jumpers are encouraged, and feel free to bring extra decoration. Ho ho ho.

Your ticket includes:
- A party hat.
- 1 sprout. 
- A handshake from a Big Loop member of your choice.
- As much mulled wine as you can drink before we run out.

'A Christmas Eve Party' is a fundraiser for Big Loop TC, to accompany their upcoming production of CHEER at The Other Room. Check out otherroomtheatre.com for more details.

Tickets are limited, so be sure to pre-book to avoid disappointment.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: - Big Loop Theatre Company reserve the right to at any time and for any reason make loud shrieking noises without warning or due care and attention. Profits from tickets purchased may or may not go towards supporting the United States Government Trump administration. Cats are objectively better than dogs and have more uses. All activities and events partaken in at this event are done so at the risk of participants and Big Loop Theatre Company do not accept any responsibility for any laughter or fun experienced by ticket-holders. Once purchased, you 'A 'Christmas Eve' Party' ticket must be held high above your head as you run home singing 'I've got a golden ticket' even though that nice confectioner in the shop told you not to tell anyone. I mean, what were you thinking? He says to run home and not tell anyone and you sprint down the streets screaming about this ticket you found? You know people tried to forge those things? Your family could be in serious danger but no, you just had to go and sing your impetuous little song didn't you? You know what? I wish you'd got some comeuppance for that; I wish someone had taken that ticket off you. Would've taught you a desperately needed lesson: Listen